Wednesday, 13 August 2014

2013 Hart Trophy Conspiracy Part 1

Ovie didn't deserve the 2013 Hart Trophy, John Tavares did. I'm putting on my tin foil hat for some good 'ol fashioned conspiring. Here's why Tavares deserved the Hart Trophy and Ovechkin didn't.

If you follow the guidelines of the Hart Memorial Trophy (which I don’t like), the award is given to the player deemed most valuable to his team. If you ask me in 2013 John Tavares was much more valuable to his team, than Ovie was to The Capitals. Ovechkin did not deserve the Hart Trophy in my opinion and the stats agree.

I would've picked Crosby to win, as it would make my case in part two much stronger, but when Crosby got injured near the end of the season the Pens won 8 of their last 12 games and they were still a great team. As good as Crosby was that season, I don't believe he was most valuable to his team. In case you forgot, here's a video of Crosby getting Injured.

Ovechkin scored four more goals and 9 more points than Tavares, coincidentally the Washington Capitals (225 goals) scored 9 more goals than the Islanders that season (216 goals). Although the Russian’s numbers are still better relative to team goals (about 3%) it doesn’t look as good anymore. And don’t even get me started on the advanced stats! “Alexander the Great” finished the season with a Corsi For under 50% (49.2) and a Relative Corsi of +0.7% (extremely low for an “elite” player). Tavares on the other hand had strong possession numbers with a Corsi for of 53% and a +4.6% Relative Corsi. To help Johnny's case even more, he didn't prey on a weak division like Ovie did (the Capitals were the only team to make the playoffs out of the SouthEast, while three teams made it from the Atlantic Division). And don’t forget that Tavares is a Centre and Ovie played Right/Left Wing giving him another edge over Ovechkin. Also, Alex barely showed up in the first half of the season, I believe that to win an MVP award the player needs to have a consistent season.

Was Johnny T hung out to dry by the writers?

Stats courtesy of ExtraSkater Which no longer exists! :'(

So why did the Professional Hockey Writers' Association give him the MVP Award if he didn't deserve it? Find out tomorrow in Part 2!

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